Preparation of the construction of an EcoVillage in Esch-sur-Alzette. Carry out appropriate preliminary tests. Inform and recruit partners.

The EcoVillage is called BENU VILLAGE. It will be the largest and most sustainable EcoVillage in the Greater Region.

Here, in a village-like structure, activities are carried out that are in harmony with natural and social values. These values are listed in the BENU Charter.

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BENU VILLAGE partner​s

Participants who are already preparing for their BENU VILLAGE activity today include a textile upcycling design firm (BENU COUTURE), a restaurant and a sales platform for Local and Social UpCycling Art

Interested in joining the BENU VILLAGE community,

as an employee, helper, co-thinker, partner or even with your own project / company ?
 In this case get in touch with us through our online form, mail (benu@benuvillageesch.lu) or phone (+352 2791 1949).

We are looking forward to reading or hearing you.

Preparation of BENU VILLAGE

Inform & create transparency

Cooperate & Socialise