The non-profit association (asbl) BENU Village Esch accompanies BENU in the preparation, conception, communication and construction of BENU VILLAGE, the ecovillage.

You can participate !
Get in touch with us through our online form, mail (benu@benuvillageesch.lu) or phone
(+352 2791 1949). We are looking forward to getting news from you!

BENU's name

Hi there, this is BENU. Call me ‘Be New!’. I am the product of Egypt phantasy and drawn many, many times in Egypt pyramids. In fact, simply remember that I am the ancestor of Greek Phenix. You know, the beautiful red bird that is cyclically born again and again, after burning and arising from the ashes each time.

I am sincerely pleased to accompany and preside this project called BENU VILLAGE ESCH. That team is working hard on the Cycle of Life. I am really looking forward to getting this done. Stay tuned and learn more about an innovative upcycling village serving as professional hub and art platform for diverse services like local food, social clothing, art and much more!

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. Aschreiwe kanns De Dech ënnen op dëser Säit !



Many questions arise when looking for “correct”, “just”, “clean” products and services. Lack of transparency wherever you look. How useful is a label in reality? How neat are the working conditions when creating products and food? What alternatives do I have to simply throwing away something? Is a production possible without consuming any new resources?

These and similar questions have occupied us for years.

Criticising and discussing is good. Defining action and finding answers is still better.

From this realization emerges in 2015 the idea of ​​BENU VILLAGE: the first eco-village in the Greater Region of Luxembourg!

BENU VILLAGE is built with as few new resources as possible. It is a place where we are constantly looking for ways to use even less new resources and to reduce waste. A place where we continually improve the environmental and social footprint. A place where we produce high quality and creative products and services. A place of participation, integration and cooperation. A place that makes people move.

A place that is consistently committed to the socio-ecological cicular economy.

BENU proposes alternatives

The BENU label is a guarantor of products and services that meet the strict BENU Charter’s requirements. This charter is based on the values transparency, social responsibility, local production and ecological excellence.

You want to know more about the conditions a product is made under, what its ecological and social footprint looks like? You want to know what happens to the product when it is no longer needed? What do terms like “organic” and “clean” really mean?
BENU informs about this kind of topics and helps to find alternatives and make decisions.

BENU informs

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